image of paul and jackie
Photography courtesy of Henry & Masci Photography

The Starting Lineup

The time has come to focus on all the little details.  At one time I would have said, “We have plenty of time to do that, we’ll get to it eventually”, now it’s time to actually do them. The first item to be crossed off my list is the wedding program. Well, it’s more of a starting lineup then a program. Jackie and I didn’t want to give a run down or a step by step guide to the ceremony. We wanted to focus on what’s important, the people who made it all happen. Yes the wedding day is the bride and groom’s day, but it’s so much more than that. It wouldn’t have been possible without our family and friends. Everyone helps out one way or another to get things done, or make things easier for us.

The Starting Lineup

Bridal Shower Slide Show

Jaclyn’s Shower Slide Show from Paul Kelley on Vimeo.

I put together a slide show for the shower. If you need a good laugh or are really interested in what we looked like when we were kids, check it out.

Personalizing the Tux

The web isn’t the only thing I’m a geek about. I am obsessed with Disney. Since I was a kid, I loved everything and anything about Disney. The parks, the movies, the characters, it’s one of those timeless things that I’ll love forever. It only made sense that when I got married, I’d go to Disney for the honeymoon (and luckily, I found someone that would let that happen). I didn’t stop at the honeymoon though. I was able to inject some of my passion into what will be my tuxedo for the wedding. I recently bought Mikey Mouse cuff links on Amazon and they just arrived a few days ago. I think this is as far as I want to take the whole personalization thing… for now.

Mikey Mouse Cufflinks

Thinking Outside the Box

Jackie and I have five weddings this year. That resulted in four “save the dates” that I got in the mail. Of those four, two were magnets, one was a card, and the last was a sticker. When I started thinking about my save the dates, I wanted to do something that I hadn’t seen yet. I wanted something that could be used by the people I was sending them to. I didn’t want them to receive something they just put in a draw or stuck on a fridge. I wanted people to interact with them, physically touch them, even on a daily basis. That’s when I thought of it; bookmarks. Everybody reads in some fashion. Whether it be books or magazines, everybody needs to keep their place.

Once the idea was there, it was now a matter of how to execute it. How many do we send people? How do we package them? What do we put on them? I’ll answer that last question first because it was the easiest to answer. We had such wonderful pictures from our friends at Henry & Masci Photography, it would be a shame not to use them. Now that we had the content (the usual words with some pretty pictures to accompany them), it was now time to design. We wanted to use as many pictures as possible, so we decided to have the bookmarks be double-sided. One side would have two images with some text and the other side would just be an image. When we thought about that, it became obvious that we should give each person multiple bookmarks. We decided that each person would get three 2×6 inch bookmarks, each with a different picture on the back. Since we were printing them on 6×8 inch paper, that left one 2×6 inch piece left. That would turn into our wrapper to bind all the bookmarks into one neat little package.

We had the bookmarks printed by on 6×8 inch card stock with a satin finish. We couldn’t be happier with the final result. I spent hours cutting each grouping while Jackie printed out mailing and return address labels. We had photo stamps made using yet another engagement photo and we have to say we are very proud of what we produced.


Even though we loved our idea, that wasn’t enough for us. Jackie and I decided to make wallpapers for the computer and even the iPhone so that people (mostly family because I think they’re the only ones who could stare at us for that long) could be reminded anytime they turned on their computer or looked at their phone. The lesson I learned in doing all of this is that it’s not enough to just have something done because it needs to be done. You need to be creative, think of a concept, and execute something you can be proud of. I think Jackie and I did that.

The Rings

Jackie and I went to Long’s in March and purchased our rings, here’s a look.

The Rings

Creating a Registry

A few weekends ago, Jackie and I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to start our registry. What an interesting experience that was. It first started out as a trip to check out china designs. It turned into 140 minutes of scan this and scan that. I never realized what an undertaking it would be, or how much stuff we actually needed. You always think of the big stuff: fancy dishes, glasses, flatware, bedding, bath stuff. I never thought I’d be figuring out what kind of bakepans we wanted, or how many coasters we needed. Before we new it, we registered for a couple of hundred pieces and we still had things we needed.

A word of advice to those who will be going down this path in the near future. Give yourself a couple of hours and try to do it either early in the morning or later at night. The reason it only took us 2 hours is because the store was less crowded, we were the only couple there and had the full attention of the person working in the registry department.

Our Engagement Photo Session

This past Saturday, Jackie and I went to Walden Pond with the fine folks from Henry & Masci Photography, Katherine Masci & Craig Henry. We haven’t recieved all the pictures yet, but they’ve posted some from our session on their blog. You’ll recognize the one on our site as their work. They are amazing photographers and you can tell how much they love their craft. We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures and look forward to working with them again in the near future. If you’re looking for good photographers, these two come highly recomended.

Our website launches

Jackie and I are pleased to announce the launch of our website,! We wanted a place for all the information about our wedding. From the ceremony to the honeymoon, you’ll be able to find it all right here. As more things unfold, we’ll be talking about it here. We’ll have pictures to share, registry information to post and our thoughts and feelings about the whole planning process.